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A watershed moment for contemporary Australian filmmaking, “The Turning” is a subtle display of the quiet struggles of everyday life in Angelus, a quaint seaside town of Western Australia.

Spanning three decades and seventeen interwoven stories, the film creates a singular portrait of the extraordinary community—one characterised by little victories, hazy dreams, and the unmatched beauty of the Australian coast.

“Long Clear View” was directed by Mia Wasikowska, a huge Australian talent known primarily for her acting skills.

“The Turning” is a stunning collection of interconnected tales that is all about turnings of all types—slow awakenings, changes of the heart, resolutions made or broken, accidents and surprises. Grown men haunted by their childhood fears, siblings stop talking with each other, husbands leaving their families—people continue to strive despite the burdens of their histories and reconcile themselves to find their very own place in the real world.

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